Sharing Workflows and Outputs

d6tpipe Integration

d6tflow integrates with [d6tpipe]( which makes sharing flow output and handing projects off to others very seamless. Some cases when you want to do this include:

  • data engineers share data with data scientists
  • vendors sharing data with clients
  • teachers sharing data with students

Sharing Flow output

import d6tflow.pipes
d6tflow.pipes.init('your-task-output') # save flow output to pipe

# upload task output
TaskGenerateData().push_preview() # preview
d6tflow.pipes.all_push(TaskGenerateData()) # push data from all downstream tasks

class TaskOthers(d6tflow.tasks.TaskPqPandas):
    external = True
    pipename = 'your-task-output'

TaskOthers().pull_preview() # get task data from external
d6tflow.pipes.all_pull(TaskOthers()) # pull data for all downstream tasks

pipe = d6tflow.pipes.get_pipe() # default pipe
pipe = d6tflow.pipes.get_pipe(TaskOthers().pipename) # task-specific pipe